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Welcome to by Wicked Red                                                   BeFunky_DSCN1199.jpg.jpg

Welcome to by Wicked Red. Where you can find a classic look using Sterling, Swarovski crystals and Vintage glass beads. by Wicked Red has evolved into making beautiful hand rolled paper beads.  Hand rolled, hand glazed, and wonderful to work with.

Custom orders are welcome please contact me so we can chat about what you have in mind. Also contact me if you would like items restrung, even if I did not make it, or you don't have all the beads. I will do my best to match or add my by Wicked Red touch to bring them back to life so they can be worn.  Email me at or message me through my facebook page.  

Swarovski crystals come in many colors including all the birthstone colors. I love the bead hunt, if you want a particular color of vintage glass bead, I am more than happy to look for you and put together a beautiful jewelry set. Paper beads can come in many colors also. They are transformed into lightweight jewelry. They can also be mixed with crystals, stones, and vintage beads.  


Handrolled paper beads are typically sold as a package to jewelry makers. Beads made with magazine papers are completely unique to the designed jewelry. No two are alike.  Beads that are made with card stock or scrap book papers come in just about any color you like. They look lovely with crystals or strung alone to make quite a statement. I also have a good size collection of vintage sheet music. My music beads are perfect for a music lover. You can buy them in packages or I can make them into by Wicked Red jewelry. I have also started to make comic book paper beads. Very nice for the comic book lover. I have made a leather and comic book bead lanyard for a customer's husband. It was very geekarific.

comicbookpb2014.jpg           purplepaperbead2014.jpg

by Wicked Red is part of a wonderful group of makers. We are Handmade in KC. You can find us on facebook. All the makers and blog posts about the makers in the group can be found at If you are in the market for beautifully handcrafted items please take a look.


You can find by Wicked Red on facebook by clicking on the facebook link. There are contests and weekly posts along with new jewelry and hand rolled paper beads. by Wicked Red will be starting up the newsletter again soon. Please email me to be on the mailing list. There will be coupon codes and new designs in the newsletter.

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